Building AKs
  For years I've been building AKs out of parts kits, and over the years I've refined my technique from using a hammer and my bench vise to using a shop press and specialized build jigs. I suppose it's time for me to pass on this knowledge to the next generation, so you can build on what I've learned and developed. One day I'll do a tutorial on a hand-tool build, but first lets start with the basics.
  Building an AK is something that anybody can do with the right tools and the time to spend on it. The build process has been worked out over a period of six years or so on internet discussion groups, and it continues to be refined. One can still build a fine and perfectly functional AK using only hand tools. It just takes longer and requires a bit more attention to detail to get everthing right. In my tutorials I will always build my own receivers. For me the joy of building an AK lies in the fact that I built the gun from the sheet metal up to a functional and beautiful rifle, but for others the point is to quickly get to a functional AK or an AK that can be resold as an investment. Neither of those goals interests me, and if such is your goal I recommend you look at NoDakSpud where you can buy a receiver pre-made to factory standards. They sell a fine product which you can assemble into an AK.  
  For me the hardest part of building an AK is deciding what my build-fu wants me to make. Back in 2008 when kits cost $100 each I bought many AK kits and many varieties, so I have several models and calibers to choose among. In this series of tutorials I'll try to address each type as well as the various tasks that are common to all of them.
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