Building a Standard-Pattern AK
  The basic AK is the Russian-pattern model. It has a fixed stock, and a very simple design. It's my favorite AK to build, because of its simplicity, and the fact that all my building jigs fit it perfectly. The receiver can be pressed out of a piece of sheet metal that you can buy at AK-Builder for less than $20, and you can press it using a 12-ton shop press available at Harbor Freight and a press-jig also from AK-Builder. You can make your own bending jig for less than $40 if you are so inclined. This epitomizes the spirit of home-building if you ask me, but since I got my jig years before the grasshopper jig was invented I'll go with mine.  
    * Bending the Flat  
    * Riveting the Barrel Trunnion  
    * Riveting the Trigger Guard  
    * Welding the Lower Rails  
    * The Center Support  
    * Pressing In The Barrel  
    * Riveting in the Stock Tang  
    * Trimming The Upper Rails  
    * Reaming The Fire Control Group Pin Holes  
    * Heat-Treating the Receiver  
    * Final Assembly  
  * This is My Rifle *